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Copper Gauze
Extruder Screens
Granulator Blades
Pelletizer Blades

Rupture Disks
Process Controls

Connector Sleeves
   & Flexible Socks

Gaylord Covers
Loader Filters 
Shaker Screens

Flexible Hose

Cartridge Filters
Bag Filters

Strainer Baskets
Safety Containment
Brass Scrapers
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Rowe Equipment is a leading supplier of high quality industrial equipment servicing many different types of markets, from packaging to injection and extrusion molding, rubber extrusion and mold makers.

Rowe Equipment offers Heaters, Pelletizer Blades, Tubing, Extruder Screens, Rupture Disks, Process Controls, Granulator Blades, Loader Filters, Shaker Screens, Gaylord Covers, Bag Filters, Oil Sorbents, Flex Hose, Strainer Baskets, and Cartridge Elements as well as many other items to serve your industrial needs.

At Rowe equipment we match our expertise and depth of knowledge with your needs. Our customer service is second to none. Contact Us Order Toll Free  1-866-337-7693

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